At the bank

At the bank

at_the_bankHere is some useful vocabulary that you can use when you are at the bank:

An account: this is where you would take your money from or put your money into at the bank.

Account number: the number the bank gives you for your account

Interest: the extra money the bank will pay you if you have money in your account

Deposit: to put money into your account at the bank

Withdraw: to take money out of your account at the bank

Exchange: when you want to change money from one country into money from another country

Bank card: the card that you can use in shops to pay for items and also in machines to withdraw money

Bank teller: the person who works behind the counter at the bank

Bank manager: the person that runs the bank

ATM (also called ‘cash machine’): a machine where you can withdraw money from your account using your bank card

ID (also ‘identification’): a document or card with your name and other details printed on it. Your passport or driving licence is often used as ID.

PIN number: Your pin number is the number (normally 4 digits) that you use when you want to withdraw money from an ATM.

Currency: Anything used to buy or sell something is currency. For example, The United States dollar is a currency; the British pound is a currency.

At the bank – example conversation #1

Teller: Good morning. Can I help you?

Customer: Yes please – I would like to open an account here.

Teller. OK. Do you have any ID?

Customer: I have my driving licence – is that enough?

Teller: Well, we need two forms of ID and something with your home address.

Customer: OK, well I also have an electric bill with my name and address on it.

Teller: That’s fine – just give me a few minutes to open your new account.

At the bank – example conversation #2

Teller: Hello. Can I help you?

Customer: Yes please. I’d like to deposit this cheque into my account.

Teller: Certainly. Do you have your account number?

Customer: No, but I do have my bank card – is that enough?

Teller: Yes, that’s fine….OK, that’s all done!

Customer: Thanks!

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