Comparative adjectives

Comparative adjectives We use comparative adjectives when we are comparing two different things. This lesson covers six rules to help you use the correct comparative adjectives. Examples of comparative adjectives: Dogs are smaller than horses. Learning grammar is more difficult than vocabulary. I have to get up earlier than my classmates because I live far … Read moreComparative adjectives

Past simple tense

Past simple In English grammar, the past simple is used to talk about finished events or actions in the past. Here are some example sentences including regular past simple verbs: I worked last Monday. They studied for an English test last week. She smiled when she saw him.   The past simple can also be … Read morePast simple tense

The present simple

The present simple In English grammar, the present simple is used to talk about habits and routines. Here is an example of the present simple in a sentence: I work on weekdays. The present simple can also be used to talk about something you don’t do. I don’t eat meat. The present simple verb can … Read moreThe present simple