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Free IELTS listening test 1 Section 1

Updated: we’ve now added the transcript at the bottom of the page!

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Note: all of the question types, timings and pauses between recordings in this free online IELTS listening test are EXACTLY what you can expect in the IELTS test. Our free online material has been designed to emulate the IELTS test as accurately as possible in every aspect.

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Free IELTS listening test 1 Section 1 We strongly recommend that you do not pause the recording during this practice test – the exact timing you will have in the IELTS test is already built in, so pausing the recording will not give you an accurate idea of your level.

When you have finished the test, take a note of the number of correct answers you got and move on to Section 2.

Section 1:


Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5
Complete the form below.

Southern Rental Car – booking

Name: William (1) 
Show answerWaddell (exact spelling required for this point)

Address: 10 (2)  Nelson
Show answerRobyn Place (exact spelling required for this point)

Contact number: (3) 07 
Show answer263 8666 (if you have this number in a different format, for example with different spacing, it would still be marked correct)

Payment by credit card type: (4)  card.
Show answerVisa  (‘credit’ is not enough to get this marked as correct)

Card No. 4550 1392 8309 3221

Card expiry date: July 20XX

Rental period: (5) days
Show answer10 (‘days’ is not required as this is included in the question)

Questions 6 to 10

Answer the following questions USING NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER

  1. How much is the car per day?
    Show answer$35
  2. What does the price include?
    Show answerUnlimited kilometres
  3. Who will he be visiting?
    Show answerRelatives
  4. What kind of car does the agent recommend?
    Show answer(An) automatic
  5. What does he need to collect the car?
    Show answerDriving license / Drivers license (‘a driving licence’ would be incorrect as this is three words when the instructions state ‘NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS’ )


Show All correct answers

Show the transcript
ReceptionistGood morning, Sir. How can I help you?
WilliamHello. ls this Southern Rental Car?
ReceptionistYes. it is.
WilliamI wonder if you could help me. I’m ringing from  Nelson, but I’m coming over to Auckland
for 12 days and I’d like to hire a car
ReceptionistOkay, I’ll fill in a booking for you now. First, can l take your name?
WilliamYes, it’s William Waddell.
ReceptionistSorry, could you spell your surname?
WilliamYes, it’s W A D D E L L
ReceptionistThanks. Now, can I  have an address and a phone number?
WilliamSure. I live at 10 Robyn Place. That’s R O B Y N Place.
ReceptionistAnd that’s Nelson, isn’t it?
WilliamThat’s right. Do you want my home number or my mobile?
ReceptionistHome number will be fine.
WilliamOK, it’s 07 263 8666.
ReceptionistGreat. Now, can I also have a credit card number?
WilliamDo I have to pay by credit card?
ReceptionistWell, we need to credit card number as a guarantee. It’s a standard policy for car rentals.
WilliamOK, well I’ll pay by Visa then. The card number is 4550…1392…8309…3221
ReceptionistAnd the expiry date?
ReceptionistYour card – when does it expire?
WilliamOh, next July.
ReceptionistRight. Now, how long did you want the car for? Twelve days did you say?
WilliamNo, I only need the car for 10 days, from the 2nd to the 11th of next month.

ReceptionistNow, what type of car are you looking to hire?
WilliamWell, I’m not too worried about the model of the car but I understand that you have rental cars from just $25 a day. Is that correct?
ReceptionistWe do sometimes have the $25 deals, but only in the low season. For the period you are looking at, the cheapest we have is $35. However, that price includes unlimited kilometres.
WilliamSorry, did you say unlimited kilometres? What does that mean exactly?
ReceptionistThat means that no matter how far you go, the cost is the same. Some companies charge for rental and then charge again for every kilometre you actually drive.
WilliamWell l am going to be travelling quite long distances – I’m visiting relatives and they live quite far apart from each other, so unlimited kilometres are probably a good idea.
ReceptionistIf you’re travelling long distances, you would be better off with an automatic. Changing gears in a manual can make it more expensive for petrol.
WilliamOK, I’ll take an automatic then.
ReceptionistRight, so that’s an automatic car for 10 days from the 2nd to the 11th. That’s all booked. Is there anything else I can help you with?
WilliamNo that’s fine. Oh, sorry – what do I need to bring with me when I pick up the car?
ReceptionistAll you need is your driving licence.
WilliamRight, well thanks very much. Bye.

Once you have finished, check your answers, then move on Section 2.

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