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Note: all of the question types, timings and pauses between recordings in this free online IELTS listening test are EXACTLY what you can expect in the IELTS test. Our free online material has been designed to emulate the IELTS test as accurately as possible in every aspect.

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Free IELTS listening test 3 Section 3 We strongly recommend that you do not pause the recording during this practice test – the exact timing you will have in the IELTS test is already built in, so pausing the recording will not give you an accurate idea of your level.

When you have finished the test, take a note of the number of correct answers you got and move on to Section 4.

Section 3:


Question 21. Choose the correct letter A–C.

21. Helen became a vegetarian
A. sixteen years ago.
B. because of family influences.
C. for personal reasons.
Show answerC


Questions 22-24. Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

According to Helen,
22.  what is the most important food source for vegetarians?
Show answerSoya OR Soya bean

23.  what do most countries do to vegetables?
Show answerOvercook them

24.  it is a misconception people have that vegetarians are what?
Show answerUnhealthy



Questions 25-26 Complete the table below using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER




Beef consumption per head
(in kilogrammes per year)

less than 11



25. Show answer21

26. Show answer44

Questions 27-30.

Label the following diagram using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

listening test 3

27. Show answerCereals

28. Show answerDairy

29. Show answerWhite meat

30. Show answerRed meat

Show All correct answers


Once you have finished, check your answers then move on Section 4.

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