IELTS Academic Task 1 writing sample Band 7 Report 3

IELTS Academic Task 1 writing sample Band 7 Report 3

Band score: approximately 7.0

Format: Academic

Task: Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The bar chart shows the number of children in two different age groups in an average class in different countries.

IELTS Academic Task 1 writing sample Band 7 Report 3

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The bar chart illustrates the average number of students in classes for ages 9 to ‘and’ 13 in four different countrys ‘countries’ and the global average as well ‘in addition to the global average’ would be more formal.

As can be seen in the chart, Hong Kong has the highest number of 9 years old children either ‘9 year old children’ or ‘9 year olds’ per class while Japan’s figure was the highest for students 13 years of age, which stands at approximately 35 children per class.

Russia and United States of America ‘the United States of America’ had lower ‘a lower’ average number of individuals per class for both age groups. In United States ‘the United States’ of America the classes of 9 year old children had higher ‘a higher’ number than those of 13 years old while a comma is needed before ‘while’ in Russia those figures are almost equal.

The number of students, delete this comma per class in a global perspective is the same level as those of United States ‘in the United States’ for children of the age of 9 and almost the same for those 13 years old.

Overall, Russia had the lowest number of children per class, although there was not much difference ‘only a slight difference’ between the two age groups.

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When writing about a Task I graph, chart or table that has no date, the writer can choose to use either past tense or the present tense, but this must be consistent throughout the report (‘stands at’ / ‘had lower’).

There are areas where the academic level of the vocabulary could be improved (‘there was not much difference’), and punctuation could be improved with a more accurate use of commas.

However, paragraphing is good and there is a clear flow to the report.

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