IELTS General Task 1 writing sample answer Band 8 Letter 2

IELTS General Task 1 writing sample answer Band 8 Letter 2

Band score: approximately 8.0

Format: General Training

Task: Task 1

The IELTS writing sample answer below has been rated purely based on the public IELTS descriptors. Click the word or words in red to see the correction, and scroll to the bottom of the page to read our comments on the letter.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


You are a member of your college/university library and have recently received an email from them asking you to return overdue books that you had actually never borrowed.

Write a letter to the librarian. In your letter:

  • explain the situation
  • say what you would like them to do
  • ask if this problem will affect your library membership


IELTS General Task 1 writing sample answer Band 8 Essay 2

Dear Mrs. White,

I am writing in reply to an e-mail you sent to me yesterday, in which you required me to return the because the writer claims they did not borrow the books, it would better to delete ‘the’ books I had reportedly borrowed.

I would like to explain that there must be some kind of error in your records; although I do have books borrowed from the library this needs to be followed by a comma they are not the same titles as in your email and have a further 4 days before they are due to be returned.

I would appreciate it if you would check your system again and verify the name of the concerned library member ‘library member concerned’ who has delayed the returning of books they have borrowed. There might be some confusion in the name or the ID number.

On this occasion, I would like you to know that in the last few years in which I have been a library member, I always ‘have always’ returned my books on time. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could write to me again and confirm that this accident ‘incident’ would be better than accident would ‘will’ not affect my membership records in the future.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

John Barnes



The letter is well written and covered all of the requirements of the task. Paragraphs are clear and logical, and the format and register (tone) of the letter is generally appropriate.

There are a few areas where the grammar could be improved (‘I always returned’ would have been better expressed as ‘I have always returned’). There is also some repetition of key vocabulary (‘borrowed’ for example), and some words that are inappropriate (‘accident’).


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