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IELTS speaking model answer – How to cook a meal you like

IELTS speaking topic card model answer – How to cook a meal you like

Describe how to cook a meal you like

IELTS speaking model answer This section of the site is for model answers on Part Two topic cards. If you have a topic card that you would like a model answer too, just post the title in the comments sections below.

It is good practice to read the model answer aloud, ideally while recording yourself. Then play back the recording, listening closely to your pronunciation (particularly your intonation) and the speed at which you are speaking.

Describe how to cook a meal you like

You should say:

  • what it is
  • when you eat it
  • what you need to make it.

You should also explain how to make it.

Model answer (click the audio bar above to hear a recording):

Well, I’m not actually a very good cook so I can only manage basic dishes like eggs and bacon, but the one thing I do like to make is called Welsh Rarebit. It’s a traditional snack made by people in my hometown, but I think there are different recipes for it in a lot of different towns in Wales and even in other countries.

There are two reasons I like cooking this dish – it’s fairly simple to create and only takes a few minutes before it’s ready to eat! A lot of people I know have it for lunch, especially in the winter when you can eat it with a stew or thick soup, but it’s actually one of those dishes that you can eat at any time of the day. I often have it for breakfast, especially in the colder months, because it gets you warm quickly!

Basically, Welsh Rarebit is cheese on toast, but with a few modifications that really make the difference. The main ingredients I use are flour and eggs, mixed in with the melted cheese. The trick is to make sure that the mixture of flour and egg is mixed well but not for too long. When it’s mixed through, put it on the stove and start heating it, slowly adding the grated cheese. You can add as much cheese as you like – personally, I like to have a lot, so that the egg and flour mix is about 50% of the total and the cheese is the other 50%.

At this point, you need to toast your bread. You can add a few spices to the mix. I use a lot of black pepper and a little paprika – I really like the taste of paprika, but as I said, I don’t cook often so rarely use it. When the toast is ready, pour the mixture on to the toast and grill it for a few minutes until the top turns brown. You can also add some more cheese to the top too – I always do!


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