Level 04 vocabulary list – EXERCISES

All of the words in the exercises below are taken from the Level 4 vocabulary list. See how many you can complete!

1. Pollution from cars and industry is causing damage to the en
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2. My dentist is going to ex three or my teeth tomorrow.
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3. He was very gr for all the work they had done.
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4. In an id world, there would be no need for the police.
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5. I don’t like classical music; I much prefer more mo bands.
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6. He doesn’t have much pa – he gets annoyed quite quickly.
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7. The po of the world is now more than 7 billion.

8. Many pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money on re and development.
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9. This part of the beach is safe for children because the water is very sh.
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10.We still haven’t found a good so to the problem.
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