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Level 05 vocabulary list – EXERCISES

All of the words in the exercises below are taken from the Level 5 vocabulary list. See how many you can complete!


1. The police want to talk to him because he was a wi to the crime.
Show me the answer


2. Mrs Thomas is on holiday, but if you need something ur we have her mobile number.
Show me the answer


3. During an emergency, it is important to remain ca and not to panic.
Show me the answer


4. The salesperson de how the product worked by using it right in front of us!
Show me the answer


5. The government should take im action to make sure the situation does not get worse.
Show me the answer


6. The government is pr a new campaign to get more people to use public transport.
Show me the answer


7. He has a busy sc So it might take some time before we can arrange a meeting.
Show me the answer


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