Level 08 vocabulary list – EXERCISES

All of the words in the exercises below are taken from the Level 8 vocabulary list. See how many you can complete!


1. Many poorer countries do not have su food and water for the population.
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2. The accountant asked the marketing manager to ju what seemed to be very high expenses.
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3. They couldn’t understand why he had committed the crime because he didn’t seem to have any mo.
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MOTIVE (although ‘motivation’ also fits, it is less appropriate for the context)

4. Despite asking for help from the technical department, Michael’s computer problems pe until he was forced to buy a new machine.
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5. Gold and silver are the most well-known pr metals.
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6. In countries like Japan, natural resources such as coal and oil are sc, so they need to be imported from other countries.
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7. Many birds mi every winter to find warmer weather.
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8. Experts advise eating high calorie foods in mo.
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9. Jo has a re for making good business deals.
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10.A worrying st is that the average person spends less than one hour a week exercising
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