Level 09 vocabulary list – EXERCISES

All of the words in the exercises below are taken from the Level 9 vocabulary list. See how many you can complete!


1. Although he ran very fast in the beginning, he couldn’t su the pace and was eventually overtaken.
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2. Many governments are not willing to ban the sale of tobacco because of the significant re generated from tax.
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3. In the 1920s, the sale of alcohol was pr by law in the USA.
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4. Some students did not understand, so he cl his point by giving a real life example.
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5. A dog should be trained to ob its owner.
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6. Throughout the lecture, Esther was very at, listening to every word.
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7. In business, it often important to cu relationships with people who have influence.
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8. Some animals lie do during the winter months and wake again in the spring.
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9. Wealth and resources should be al evenly rather than having such divides between rich and poor.
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