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Level 10 (CEFR Level C2) Vocabulary – group A

Take a look at the meaning and example sentence for the 12 words below, then take the practice exercises to see what you know!

Meaningto publicly support or recommend
Word familyVerb
Example sentenceA good doctor will advocate healthy eating and regular exercise.
StressAD – vo – cate

Meaningto reduce pain, suffering or a problem
Word familyVerb
Example sentenceThe government is building more houses to alleviate the problem of homelessness, but there will still not be enough to completely solve the problem.
StressAl – LEV – i – ate

MeaningThe strongest or main; having the most control or power
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceIt can be argued that the predominant cause of crime is poverty.
StressPre – DOM – in – ant

Meaningto put a plan, decision or agreement into effect
Word familyVerb
Example sentenceThe changes to the government’s education policy will be implemented next month.
StressIM – ple – ment

MeaningClear, detailed, unmistakable, obvious
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceFilms that include explicit violence should not be watched by people under 18 years old.
Stressex – PLIC – it

MeaningBelonging naturally, built-in, a typical feature
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceA dog’s loyalty in an intrinsic characteristic.
Stressin – TRIN – sic

MeaningActing with care and thought for the future, wise
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceIt has been argued that younger people today have a much more prudent approach to saving and spending than previous generations.
StressPRU – dent

MeaningPresent or produced in large numbers; plentiful
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceA prolific author, artist or composer produces a large number of works.
StressPro – LIF – ic

MeaningIncapable of producing any useful result, fruitless; pointless
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceDespite several meetings, attempts to reach an agreement were futile.
StressFU – tile

MeaningThe ability to understand something through feeling or instinct rather thank factual knowledge
Word familyNoun
Example sentenceOur intuition can often ell us that something is dangerous about a situation even if there are no facets.
StressIn – to – I – tion

MeaningToo bright in colour, vivid, shocking, sensationalised
Word familyAdjective
Example sentenceThere are many reasons why newspaper should not print lurid details of violent crimes.
StressLU – rid

MeaningHaving the following characteristics – honest, trust worthy,  decency, fairness
Word familyNoun
Example sentenceIntegrity is a characteristic that employers value in their staff.
StressIn – TEG – rit – y

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