Level 10 vocabulary list – EXERCISES

All of the words in the exercises below are taken from the Level 10 vocabulary list. See how many you can complete!


1. The de was found not guilty and was free to leave the court.
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2. Mastering a martial art requires a lot of di.
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3. He was ap about meeting her for the first time, but they ended up having a great time.
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4. A rebel is defined as someone who does not co to the rules and restrictions of everyday society.
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5. He stole the money, but returned it the following day; nobody knew what he had done, but his co would not allow him to keep it.
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6. Adding a little salt to your food while cooking can often en the flavour.
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7. Resources such as oil and coal are fi . We should not expect them to last forever.
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8. The Aborigines are the in people of Australia.
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9. The plan is now in je because they did not receive funding.
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