Level 08 vocabulary list

IELTS vocabulary level 8 The first step in being able to improve your vocabulary is to have a clear collection of words to study from, graded from the easier, more common language up to more advanced levels. Our site has a 10 level system to improve your vocabulary, from Level 1 to Level 10.

Tips for using the vocabulary lists:

  • look carefully through the list to make sure you know the words and are confident that you can use them in your written or spoken English.
  • Look up the meaning of any new words and put them in a sentence. If you’re not sure your sentence is correct, post it in the comments section at the bottom of the page and we’ll check it for you.
  • Make a handwritten note of any new words, ideally in a separate note pad that you carry with you. Whenever you have a few minutes – waiting for a bus, just before going to sleep, waiting for the kettle to boil – take out the list and look through, reminding yourself of the word and the meaning.
  • Improving your vocabulary takes practice, so try to use the new word(s) in any suitable situation over the next few weeks – using the new word will help you remember it!
  • Write the new word a number of times – writing down vocabulary will help you remember it and will also help with spelling.

When you’ve looked through the list below, why not try our Level 8 vocabulary exercises to see what you’ve learned?

affliction manner official pursue reside
assess manual operate quantity resist
collision media operation quarrel resistance
conclude mercy operator quashed resolve
cork mere oppose quenching restrain
decay migrate opposition radical retain
enforce minister organ random reticent
facilitate ministry origin range revolution
initial minuscule participate rank sacred
injure miserable particular ratio sake
input misery patriotic rational scarce
inquire mode peculiar raw scatter
inquiry moderate perceive ray scent
insight moderation persist razor scheme
institute modify persuade realise scorn
integral monitor persuasion reason scrape
integrate moral policy reasonable sector
intend moreover polish receive sequence
intense motif pose recognise series
intention motion potential recognition serious
interference motive praise recommend significant
interval murder pray record simulate
intervene mutual preach recover situation
isolate mystery precede refer sketchy
jewel nausea precious reference slave
justice needle precise refresh social
justify network prejudice regulate society
landlord neutral preliminary reinforce sphere
latter noble presence reject spite
leash noise preserve relate stable
legal nuclear president reluctance stain
legislate nuisance presume remark statistic
literary numerical presumptuous remedy successor
literature object prime replenish sufficient
loyal objection proceed represent thorn
loyalty objective proportion representative transform
lung obtain prospect reproduce unify
maintain occasion provision reproduction uproar
manipulate offend proximity republic utilise
mankind offense psychology reputation violate
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