Recommended IELTS books

Recommended IELTS books

high_impact_students_book The IELTS High Impact series

We can definitely recommend this series – because we wrote them ourselves! There are four books in the series (a student book, a teachers guide and 2 workbooks), each broken into chapters based around an IELTS theme (transport, medicine, society etc).

The book is published by Pearson Education (Longman) and can be bought in bookstores or on eBay, Amazon and other online shopping sites.

cambridge_ielts The Cambridge IELTS series

These books are collections of past IELTS papers and are very useful for practicing. The material is reliable as it has been written by the same team that write the IELTS test papers. There are complete tests for the Academic Module and the General Training Module, with a CD for the listening tests and a full answer key and model answers for the writing tests.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not buy Books 1 or 2 as they were published before the IELTS test changed format. Book 3 and later are all good.

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