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SONG GAPFILL: Everclear (Level: medium)

Level: Medium

Learning English through music is not only fun, it is very effective for improving your listening skills.

Play the video below and as you listen to the words (lyrics), complete the gap fill with the words you hear. When you are finished, click ‘Show answer’ to check your answers.

NOTE: There is only ONE word required for each answer.


I close my eyes when I get too 1.
Show answersad I think thoughts that I know are 2.
Show answerbad Close my 3. and I count to ten
Show answereyes Hope it’s 4. when I open them
Show answerover

I want the things that I had 5.
Show answerbefore Like a Star Wars poster on my 6. door
Show answerbedroom I wish I could 7. to ten
Show answercount Make everything be 8. again
Show answerwonderful

Hope my mom and I hope my 9.
Show answerDad Will figure out why they get so 10.
Show answermad Hear them scream, I hear them 11.
Show answerfight They say bad words that make me wanna 12.
Show answercry

Close my eyes when I go to 13.
Show answerbed And I dream of angels who make me 14.
Show answersmile I feel better when I 15. them say
Show answerhear 16. will be wonderful someday
Show answereverything

17. mean everything when you’re little
Show answerPromises And the world’s so 18.
Show answerbig I just don’t 19. how
Show answerunderstand You can smile with all those 20. in your eyes
Show answertears Tell me everything is wonderful now

Please 21. tell me everything is wonderful now
Show answerdon’t

I go to school and I run and 22.
Show answerplay I tell the 23.  that it’s all okay
Show answerkids I laugh aloud so my 24. won’t know
Show answerfriends When the 25. rings I just don’t wanna go home
Show answerbell

Go to my 26. and I close my eyes
Show answerroom I make 27. that I have a new life
Show answerbelieve I don’t believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful 28.
Show answersomeday

No, I don’t wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

I don’t wanna hear you say
That I will understand someday
No, no, no, no
I don’t wanna hear you say
You both have grown in a 29. way
Show answerdifferent No, no, no, no
I don’t wanna meet your 30.
Show answerfriends And I don’t wanna 31. over again
Show answerstart I just want my 32. to be the same
Show answerlife Just like it used to be
Some days I hate 33.
Show answereverything I hate everything
34. and everything
Show answereveryone Please don’t tell me everything is wonderful now…

I don’t wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now


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