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SONG GAPFILL: Oasis (Level: medium)

Oasis – The Importance of being idle

Improve your listening skills for IELTS 1 Learning English through music is not only fun, it is very effective for improving your listening skills.

Play the video below and as you listen to the words (lyrics), complete the gap fill with the words you hear. When you are finished, click ‘Show answer’ to check your answers.

Level: medium

NOTE: There are TWO words required for each answer.


I sold my soul for the 1.
Show answersecond time

‘Cause 2. don’t pay me
Show answerthe man

I begged my landlord for some 3.
Show answermore time

He said “Son, the bill’s 4.
Show answerare waiting

My 5. called me the other night
Show answerbest friend

He said “Man – are 6.?”
Show answeryou crazy

7. told me to get a life
Show answerMy girlfriend

She said “Boy – are 8. ?”
Show answeryou lazy? Chorus:

But I don’t mind

As long as there’s a bed beneath the stars 9.
Show answerthat shine

I’ll be fine, if you give me 10., a man’s got a limit
Show answera minute

I can’t get a life if 11.not in it
Show answermy heart’s

Hey Hey

(Chorus again)

I lost my faith in the 12.
Show answersummer time

‘Cause it don’t 13.
Show answerstop raining

The sky all day is 14. as night
Show answeras black

But I’m 15.
Show answernot complaining

I begged 16. for one more line
Show answerMy doctor

He said “Son – words 17.
Show answerfail me

It ain’t no place to be 18.
Show answerkilling time

I guess I’m 19.
Show answerjust lazy

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