Task 1 the basics (General Training)

Task 1 the basics (General Training)

Before you begin this lesson, you will need to know the meaning of the words below as they are part of the lesson.

INSTRUCTIONS: What you have to do. For example: His instructions were to deliver the package to Mr Jones.

ACADEMIC: (adjective) Something or someone showing a high level of education. Example: ‘University students have to write in an academic style’.

TRANSFER: (verb) To move from one place to another or from one type to another. Example: ‘In the IELTS reading test, candidates have to complete the test and transfer their answer to the answer paper in 60 minutes’.

AIM: (verb) To direct towards a particular goal or target. For example: ‘I am aiming to get a 7.5 on my IELTS test’

CATEGORY: (noun) A division or class of something. For example: There are several categories of cars – family cars, sports cars, 4 wheel drives…

LOGICAL: (adjective) Makes sense, is reasonable. Example: ‘It is important to take a logical approach to the IELTS exam’.(adverb: logically)

LIMIT: (noun) A top or bottom point. For example: If you drink three bottles of beer, you are over the limit to be able to drive.

ERROR: (noun) A mistake. Example: ‘There are a number of common errors made by IELTS candidates’.

DEMONSTRATE: (verb) To show. Example: ‘It is important to demonstrate a range of accurate grammar in your IELTS essay’.

COHESION: (noun) Joining ideas together. Example: ‘A good essay will be easy to understand because of its cohesion’

COHERENCE: (noun) Able to be understood. Example: ‘An essay needs to show coherence; that is, a logical flow of ideas’.

LEXICAL: (adjective) Talking about vocabulary (words). For example: ‘He has a good lexical ability – he knows a lot of words’.

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An introduction to Task I writing for the General Training test. The aim of Task 1 in the General Training test is to write a letter in response to a problem or situation. The letter may need to be written formally, semi formally or informally. In the test you may have to show an ability to use the following types of language.

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Each task one type has the same set of instructions. The first instruction is that you should spend about twenty minutes on this task. You only have one hour to complete both task I and task II, so it is important that you do not spend more than about 20 minutes on Task I. The second instruction is that you should write at least 150 words.

Writing anything over 170 words can actually reduce your final result as you are more likely to make errors and not have enough time to complete task II. The final instruction is that you do not need to write any addresses – you should just start your letter with ‘Dear…’. The question itself will give background to the situation. You will also be given three bullet points that you will need to refer to in your answer.

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