Vocabulary – the letter A set 1

Vocabulary for IELTS – the letter A (set 1)

Vocabulary for IELTS In order to get a good result in your IELTS test, it is essentially to have wide range of vocabulary. Regardless of whether you are preparing for the Academic Module or the General Training Module, you need to have a strong understanding of academic vocabulary.

The vocabulary pages on this site are designed to help you improve your vocabulary for IELTS in all the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and are divided into the letters.

This lesson covers the first group of words that begin with the letter ‘A’

For advanced users: DON’T click the link below to see the words – look at the sentences in the exercise below and see if you can find the correct answer.

Click here to see the words covered in this lesson



Now complete the sentences below using one of the words above.


  • You should use each word only once
  • You may have to change the end of the word to fit the sentence (e.g. adding +ed)

Many companies _____________ their customer response system for emails as they do not always have the time to reply immediately. Show answer AUTOMATE

Police have the _____________ to stop and breath-test drivers they suspect are under the influence of alcohol. Show answer AUTHORITY

The company regularly measures its output and delivery times in order to _____________ the exact level of efficiency. Show answer ASSESS (not ‘approximate’ because the sentence states ‘the exact level’

Different people have different _____________ to learning and revision. Mine is to make notes of the main issues and read over them several times so I can remember the information. Show answer APPROACHES

Luke realised it was not  _____________ to wear jeans to work when his supervisor quietly reminded him of the smart dress code required. Show answer APPROPRIATE

We are unsure exactly how many new students will enrol in the course next term, however, we could expect _________ figures to be around 150. Show answer APPROXIMATE

The system for deciding which workers will lose their jobs seem fairly _________ as they do not seem to be properly considering experience, or length of time working at the company. Show answer ARBITRARY

When living abroad, it is often difficult to _________ to the different culture of that country as a person’s natural behaviour may need to change. Show answer ADAPT

His wages from work are not __________ to pay for all of his living costs for the month, that’s why he has taken an evening job too. Show answer ADEQUATE

James really __________ all of the help that Steven had given him with his revision, so much so that he bought him a gift to say thank you. Show answer APPRECIATED

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